Italy - the country of life loving

Today world faced with something it was impossible to imagine. Today we are paralyzed physically: there are no freedom in cross boarding, no freedom to go out of home, no freedom to meet, touch, feel somebody we love. COVID-19 shake-up all the planet and it's hard to realize how many people became victims and how many countries have a long rehabilitation ahead.

This project is an expression of support to Italy, that turned out to be one of the most injured countries by COVID pandemic. For myself, Italy always will be the country with enhanced feeling of life loving, of being right here and right now and enjoying a beauty of life itself.

We all need to keep in our minds these feelings of life that many people can't sense right now physically: walking outside, hanging with loved ones, discovering heritage of culture and nature. All these simple things find a huge value when we can't own them.

Works of project were made from 2012 to 2019 in Florence, Rome, Iseo, Lecco, Como, Bellaggio, Genova, Vernaza, Verona, Venice, Lido di Jesolo. Photography captured simplest moments of life that means a lot especially in this hard times of struggle and isolation. These works are tribute for life.