The book Serendipity, released in 2022, is my statement project. This project I was working on since 2012 to 2019 is a quintessence of my love for the world around, expressed through photography. It's a manifesto of my feeling of interconnection of everything in the universe.

For myself the surrounding reality is an inexhaustible source for admiration, contemplation and searching for meanings and values. In this book I collected images made as if by accident, that found crossings with later works made years and kilometers after. And this feeling of random coincidences in harmony is fascinating.

These works as closely as possible reflects my vision of contemporary documentary photography - when to the element of light, color, shape is added a random variable, which determines a new kind of photography. Mix of all these levels creates a special combination of random coincidences in harmony.

Released in book format in 2022

2012-2019 Digital photography

Link to the book video