Ksenia Simakova Creative Photographer

Ksenia Simakova is Russian-born documentary photography artist. Researching in photography since 2003, The Russian Union of Art Photographers member since 2013

Ksenia documenting reality using photography, to demonstrate the value of the world around and to help viewers feel right here and right now. Photographic works mainly focused on reality to screen spontaneous harmony of nowadays and research visual metaphors of being, using documentary approach. In her work Ksenia makes accent on personal character of people, making honest portraits and stories in natural environment of local communities.

Works were exhibited in more than 20 cities in Russia, Italy, Lithuania, were included in more than 30 exhibitions.

In 2020 Ksenia Simakova was selected by ARTPIL as 30 Under 30 Women Photographers


Italy - the country of life loving by Ksenia Simakova Crossing Realities by Ksenia Simakova Madeira. Lost in Mountains by Ksenia Simakova 100 Years old Mary by Ksenia Simakova Russian countryside portraits by Ksenia Simakova City portraits by Ksenia Simakova Weird World by Ksenia Simakova Workshop of their own by Ksenia Simakova Advertising by Ksenia Simakova Dream of the mind by Ksenia Simakova


I'm interested in partnership with galleries, publishers, magazines, exhibition centers, photographer's associations and communities etc to represent my projects or single works on commercial or non-commercial basis. I'd like to participate in cross-borders projects or exhibitions if your vision of photography is close to mine. I could also take a part in your events or workshops as a speaker or a jury. It could be a great experience.

I'm open to discuss any part of that kind of partnerships. Do not hesitate to contact me: photo@kseniasimakova.com For any enquiries about non-exclusive rights for using my personal works on commercial or non-commercial basis, please contact me first.

100 Years old Mary by Ksenia Simakova